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ATX Woman to Watch Meg McElroy
Woman to Watch: Meg McElroy

As an advanced functional-medicine expert, Meg McElroy guides patients to feel their best and understand the processes that create and perpetuate unwanted symptoms and diseases. Sponsored…

Down to the Bone

Here’s how to know whether you may get osteoporosis. By Lauryn Lax Osteoporosis is not just an “old-lady disease.” While osteoporosis is a disease most often…

All in the Genes

Managing daily stressors is key to warding off hereditary health diseases.  By Lauryn Lax Families share many traits. You may inherit curly hair from your mom,…

The Dairy Myth

If you thought you were doing your body a favor by reaching for the low-fat cheese, fat-free yogurt or skim milk, think again. By Dr. Lauryn…

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