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Art austin-woman-zuzu-w-mural-wip

Zuzu Perkal: Bringing Walls to Life

Recently, local artist Zuzu completed a 30 x 10 foot mural at The W Hotel’s Wet Deck. She is always looking for the next big wall she can “get down on.”

Art Taylor Prinsen Photography

Taylor Prinsen Photography

As we come out of one of the most difficult years of our lives, I look at the women around me in constant awe. Our bodies have carried us through giving birth, keeping our businesses open, grief and loss, mental health challenges and more.

Art austin-woman-sarah-boisvert-feat

Sarah Boisvert: Making Art for Me

When years as a travel nurse began to take their toll, Sarah Boisvert immersed herself in art as a form of healing and self-discovery.

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