Taking care of your skin at any age is vital to maintaining a youthful appearance.

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Overfilled “duck” lips, Botox “frozen” faces and exaggerated cosmetic procedures are trending their way out of mainstream injectables. Now that injections are becoming less taboo, patients increasingly want little tweaks and minimal changes to their natural facial structure. Cosmetic procedures should never be obvious, in my opinion. I have always taken an artistic, subtle approach to cosmetic injections.

Respecting the natural facial contours keeps others guessing whether you’ve had any treatments done. Taking care of your skin at any age is vital to maintaining a youthful appearance. Seeking a provider with an artistic eye is the key to maintaining a naturally tweaked look.

Micro-treatments are quickly becoming popular, with many patients opting in to MicroBotox as a great alternative. Less is more! Receiving low-dose Baby Botox treatments more frequently will keep your face moving naturally from the start. Injectables are the largest trend in medical aesthetics right now and are easily accessible to everyone. Injectables, lasers and skin resurfacing can be quick lunchtime procedures with immediate results and limited downtime, and that’s what people want. Cosmetic treatments are now very sophisticated and more inclusive for men and women, with the social stigma decreasing. Brotox treatments are on the rise among men, one motivator being to stay competitive in today’s job market.

Dermal fillers are being used in other areas of the face besides the traditional cheeks and nasolabial folds. Work for jawlines, ear lobes and hand rejuvenation are increasing in popularity. Full facial rejuvenation is always how I approach the face, with Botox and fillers being my paintbrushes on a blank canvas. Utilizing the full capabilities of the products we have access to is imperative in preventing aging, maintaining your look and preserving the facial structure. Anti-aging treatments can be started at a younger age, and patients are becoming more knowledgeable about how to avoid surgical procedures in the future. Starting early maintains your skin and prevents the aging process from being severe versus ignoring skin concerns until surgical intervention is needed.

Social media has helped demystify medical aesthetics. Long gone are the days of sneaking through the back door of a medical office to secretly receive treatments. Sharing on social media, little black books among friends and voicing your injectable experience to anyone who pays you a compliment is becoming more common and less covert. I love fooling people’s eyes with micro-treatments by sprinkling Botox and micro-injecting dermal fillers around the face. Anyone with fine lines and wrinkles can be a candidate for Botox and dermal fillers when they’re artistically injected. During my injection process, I complete half the face and show you in the mirror a split screen, with half the face done and the other half not. If I injected you while sleeping, you would wake up the next day, look in the mirror and say, “Wow, I look rested!” but you most likely couldn’t pinpoint what I’d accomplished with injections.

Facial contouring is on the rise. I’m ecstatic to contribute my passion to the art of injections and the mainstream movement.

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