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How to Stage Your Home for the Spring

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The trends for this spring are all about bringing nature inside the home. We are using natural materials, foliage and a neutral color palette to embrace this serene style.

Depth is very important when pairing décor elements together to achieve this look. Layering various textures and patterns on top of each other creates the desired effect. You can do this by using multiple styles, shapes and sizes of rugs (Zella’s favorite option) or throwing different types of pillows onto a neutral-colored sofa.

Faux fur, burlap, wood and textured weave are some of our favorite materials to incorporate into a space when following this trend. Even adding plants in the corner of a room, on a desk or on the kitchen island can bring some natural beauty to a space.

Spring is the best time to sell your home to get the highest price and the shortest time on the market. Zella is always on trend and strives to help you incorporate pieces into your home that will maximize its selling potential.

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The Zella Company houses a warehouse full of pieces that will bring your home or event to life. Shoot us an email or give us a call and talk to one of our design experts, who would be happy to make this transition into the new year an easy and colorful one. | 512.215.2166

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