Whether it’s sales or installation, Christy Roberg is immersed in every aspect of her business, Austin Doors & Closets.

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Christy Roberg

Christy Roberg established Austin Doors & Closets in 2017. As a former executive in nonprofit health care, she credits her 3-year-old son with motivating the career switch. During the past two years, she’s been able to successfully combine her business acumen and service skills with creating a unique home-improvement experience. Whether it’s sales or installation, Roberg is immersed in every aspect of the business, something that earns her high praise from customers. A self-described DIYer, Roberg has a passion for design and home improvement, which initially attracted her to opening an interior door company, but she asserts it’s the use of technology that sets her company apart from competitors. Door replacement—a historically time-consuming, complicated process—is simplified by digital measurement, robotic automated cutting and factory finishing, allowing for an entire home of new doors to be installed in one day’s time with no messy construction. Talk about a whole-home transformation!



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