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Women to Watch: NI

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NI Women to Watch

Cate Prescott – Chief People Officer

Ana Villegas – Chief Marketing Officer

Stefanie Breyer – Senior VP, Product Planning

Deborah Green – Principal Executive Asst. to the CEO

Karen Rapp (Not Pictured) – Chief Financial Officer

In February 2021, NI announced its 2030 corporate impact strategy, a bold, ambitious plan to increase the diversity of its workforce, support aspiring engineers and create a greater sense of belonging in the industry. As part of the strategy, the company is taking meaningful steps to ensure that by 2030, 50% of its global workforce and 50% of its global people managers are women. NI believes its people are its greatest asset. The company’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts ensure its employees feel welcomed, valued, respected and heard so that they are empowered to bring their best, most authentic selves to their work each day. Join them in building a society that works for all—and a healthy planet that sustains all of us—for the next 100 years and beyond.


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