Owner and founder of Lacquer

Photo by Courtney Runn

Carla Hatler opened Lacquer nail studio in 2015, setting out to redefine the nail-salon experience for Austinites. With a background in advertising and an expertise in launching new brands, this University of Texas alum created Lacquer as a destination for healthy, natural nail care using the best products and latest nail-care innovations. Her business now has two locations in Austin, and she has plans to expand to other cities. Hatler is also committed to redefining standards in the beauty industry and works alongside other industry experts to advocate for employee rights and generate awareness for ethical employment practices. She believes caring about the products you are using in your services isn’t enough; knowing your service providers are being treated fairly and paid legitimately matters too. Actively supporting a local woman-owned business that provides ethical employment is something you can certainly feel good about.



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