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Certified Human Design Business Consultant

Shaadi Oreyzi is one of 150 internationally certified professionals trained in the business application of the Human Design assessment system. With only a few pieces of information, Oreyzi accurately maps how you’re wired to make better, stronger decisions. Her clear directives and practical strategies will propel your business initiatives in the right direction. Operationally, she maps out the dynamics within teams, identifies underlying issues and solves problems so everyone is supported as a successful, collaborative unit. Oreyzi’s one-of-a-kind approach has made an impact on high-performing leaders from large organizations such as Adobe Workfront, American Airlines, Compass and Dell Technologies, to boutique companies such as Dr. Hyman Enterprises, Kindred Realty and Moreland Properties. Incorporating Human Design will transform the way your business operates and thrives by keeping it relevant, promoting greater satisfaction in the workplace and empowering you with the ultimate competitive edge.




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