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Woman to Watch: Liliya Konechny

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After noticing a gap in the market for a full-service water-storage-tank manufacturing company, Liliya Konechny created Contain Water Systems.

Sponsored Content, Member of The Society of Women Entrepreneurs, Photo by Romina Olson

After completing her master’s degree, Liliya Konechny spent six years in various business industries. From the various roles she performed, she saw a gap in the market for a full-service water-storage-tank manufacturing company, so she created Contain Water Systems. Konechny was born to do business but in her own way. No one taught Konechny how to do business; she simply made up her own rules. Konechny is the chief financial officer and owner of an innovative water-storage-tank manufacturing company. Her company exclusively acts as a full-service provider for its distribution network throughout North America. She welcomes the competition and stamps on them with the best high heels. “My vision is to create a company that stands out for not only providing an excellent-quality service, but a business who really cares about why we are doing it, in order to help the client,” she says. Combining these skills with her strong moral values and a caring personality, Konechny leads the largest corrugated-water-storage-tank company in North America. She is also a millennial mom and a successful entrepreneur.

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