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Bestselling, Award-winning Author of DreamBig

Photo by: Knox Kronenberg

Bestselling author Kat Kronenberg brings experience and energy to her award-winning picture books Dream Big (2017), Love Big (2019), and Think Big (2020). Kronenberg has traveled throughout the U.S.and internationally to speak with communities on the importance of living our best life together. Her ability to inspire audiences to believe in themselves, each other and everyone’s dreams has positioned her as a coveted keynote speaker and presenter for schools. In Chicago, Mary Curat, principal of Wildwood Elementary, said, “I had high expectations for Kat’sauthor visit after viewing her website. She far exceeded them.”Kronenberg wrote these books because she needed them as a girl after the tragic loss of two siblings and later both parents. Her Live Big trilogy shows us how we can celebrate our best life, no matter what happens. The African Animals’ heroic journeys give readers fun, educational tools to achieve their best life too.




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