Jamie Bowers created Bola Pizza to change how frozen food is made by supporting suppliers who believe in healthy, environmentally friendly products.

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Jamie Bowers is the CEO and co-creator of Austin’s niche frozen-pizza producer, Bola Pizza. She is also a member of Women United, a donor network supporting United Way for Greater Austin. She loves meeting women in business, especially in the food industry, and she finds the collaborative nature of women can make a huge impact in any organization. Bowers’ goal at Bola Pizza is to change how frozen food is made by supporting suppliers who share her belief in sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly products while giving consumers an option for a delicious, fast dinner. Originally launched as a wood-fired caterer, Bola Pizza is now known for its handmade frozen pizzas sourced from natural, high-quality ingredients. The company is named after Bowers’ first rescue dog, who also became the company’s first official pizza crust taste tester. Bola Pizza is available at grocery and specialty stores across Texas.




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