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Owner and CEO, Bat City Builders, LLC

Dawn Price is the owner and CEO of Bat City Builders, LLC, a design-build company based out of Austin, specializing in remodeling and custom building. Their transparent business model sets them apart in the construction industry. They use standard business practices and transparency to provide honest and open communication. Thanks to her master’s in business administration from the University of Maryland and her undergraduate degree in hydrogeology from Western MichiganUniversity, Price conceived her business. Combining her passion for negotiation and genuine desire for helping others, she created Bat City Builders, LLC. This same passion has inspired her to improve communications, thus forming strong bonds and maximizing the transparent business concept. Utilizing her negotiation expertise, she brings cost-effective solutions to homeowners and upholds the transparent business model her company is founded on. With her construction and environmental background, she has brought something innovative to the Austin market.




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