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Power Up on Protein

Chew on these satiating snack solutions when you’re in a time crunch. By Kim Eagle and Sarah Holcomb Eat this: high-protein snack foods Not that: protein-powder…

Why You Crave Coffee

Is coffee good or bad? It seems no one can agree. Some research says “yay” while other research says “nay” and if you’re like nearly eight…

Orange Burn

Fitness fanatic Kelly Faldyn has a theory about how to stay fit. By Gretchen M. Sanders Kelly Faldyn only wears orange these days. Ever since the…

Barre None

As both a business entrepreneur and an enthusiastic leader in Austin’s fitness community, Rashanna Moss has found success by following her passion. Now she’s on a…

Gut Reaction

What you need to know about IBS, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and other digestive health issues. By Jill Case Thanks to the internet, many people decide…

Take Control

Whether it’s the pill, the patch or something else, finding the right birth control means asking a lot of questions. So, we asked. By Jill Case…

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