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Gut Reaction

What you need to know about IBS, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and other digestive health issues. By Jill Case Thanks to the internet, many people decide…

The Truth About the Thyroid

Don’t get knocked off the hormonal balance beam. By Christine Williams We’ve all heard that phrase, “I’m sure she just has a thyroid problem.” The thyroid,…

The Add One Thing Challenge

Break up with your diet for good with this lasting approach. By Lauryn Lax Seven out of 10 Americans say they are “actively trying to be healthier”…

Take Control

Whether it’s the pill, the patch or something else, finding the right birth control means asking a lot of questions. So, we asked. By Jill Case…

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At Home with Shauna Martin

The Daily Greens founder on her home, surviving cancer and the power of green juice. by Rachel Merriman, photos by Kimberly Davis Nestled deep in the…

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