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Taking Over Tech

Austin Women in Technology President Cheryl Miller leads tech women of tomorrow into unchartered territory. By Elizabeth Ucles, Photo courtesy of Austin Women in Technology In…

Springtime Sangria

Dazzle your guests with this fruity cocktail. By Saba Ghaffari, Photo courtesy of North Italia As the temperatures climb and Texas wildflowers bloom, quench your thirst…

Seeing Green

Violet Crown Spirits Founder Jessica Leigh Graves shares how she’s putting Texas’ first absinthe on the shelves. By Nick Barancyk, Photos by Courtney Runn Tucked away…

Post-Workout Pitfalls

Motivate yourself to avoid these nine tempting fitness-crushing habits.  By Rebecca L. Bennett So, you’ve mustered up the willpower to hit the gym and conquer a…

Snap to It

Registered dietitian Claire Siegel about her daily routine, the Whole30 lifestyle and Snap Kitchen’s new meal-planning service.  By Lauren Jones, Photos courtesy of Snap Kitchen Claire…

Musi on a Mission

Chef Vanessa Musi has forged a new frontier in healthy baking. By Hannah Phillips, Photos courtesy of Joe Van and Vanessa Musi  Necessity is the mother…

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