Day 7 at SXSW was full of surprises. From artist showcases to networking events, it was a great day to think outside of the box in terms of human connection.

By Cy White, Photos by Cy White

LGBTQ+ in Music Meet Up

This meetup was an opportunity for those in the LGBTQIA2S+ community to find each other. Plain and simple. You’d think it less surprising that there are outlets to do that with. But even in 2022, moments like the LGBTQ+ in Music Meet Up aren’t exactly the norm. Connecting with people across the industry who not only share a common interest but a common struggle is such a blessing. From artists to “futurists” (a visual artist who uses images to tell the story of bands and artists during their performances), this was truly an enlightening connection of like minds.

So!YoON! at Hotel Vegas


SXSW continued its tradition of introducing audiences to indie artists from South Korea. (Though, anyone with even passing interest in music from the country will at least have heard of singer-songwriter/guitarist SoYoon’s band Se So Neon.) Stylized as So!YoON!, she’s made quite a name for herself in South Korea’s indie scene. Let it be known, however, this woman is no rookie. She’s had incredible success with her band, and her two solo efforts have garnered industry-wide praise from peers and fans alike. Her live performance style is raw, free. She allows the music to move her. Whether contemporary R&B or going for the blues-tinged ’70s-inspired rock she’s most known for, SoYoon is not to be underestimated.

She played a grand total of three official showcases at SXSW. However, her debut SXSW performance was something special. People who perhaps wouldn’t have even thought this type of music was being made in South Korea were so utterly moved by her, all you could see for at least 50 yards beyond the stage were people dancing and just vibing to SoYoon’s performance. The epitome of human reconnection. Truly magical.

Stones Throw Showcase


One of the most important musical institutions in the world, Stones Throw Records, has brought together some of the most enigmatic, charming and unbelievably talented musicians in the world. Peanut Butter Wolf is a connoisseur of various interpretations of musical expression. The man who brought together a veritable dynasty of hip hop artists and rock musicians, his record PB Wolf’s label cemented him as one of the most forward-thinking minds in the business. No artist is too out there, too wild or too cerebral for him.

Artists like Jerry Paper contrasted against the likes of Sudanese violinist and songstress Sudan Archives and impeccable pianist and composer Keifer. Houston native Peyton brought her sultry style of soft-voiced R&B and had the crowd in near hysterics with every song. In fact, Peyton set the latter half of the night off. A soft-spoken but ebullient musician, her buoyant energy had the audience enraptured from start to finish. Ending the night with the ethereal Sudan Archives (despite some sound issues in the first few minutes) was truly inspired.


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