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In 2012, Lisa Traugott, personal trainer and creator of the She’s Losing It Method, was sitting in her car outside her daughter’s preschool, sobbing. “Of course I was crying. My life was a mess,” she laughs. Borderline obese and frustrated, she decided to enter a bodybuilding competition. She’s not crying now! She lost 50 pounds and turned her knowledge into the SLI Method, which incorporates three components: belly (nutrition), body (targeted exercises) and brain (motivation). Her memoir, She’s Losing It!, led her to being cast on John Cena’s reality-TV show, American Grit. She has won bikini competitions locally and internationally, and her transformation story has been featured in Muscle & Fitness Hers and on Good Day Austin and Great Day Houston. Now a trainer herself, she delivers results to her clients, who have lost weight, toned up and won their own bikini trophies. “If I can transform my life through fitness,” she says, “imagine what you can do.”


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