CEO at K-RO Art

Photo by Carli Rene 

Photographer Kristen Brown Roedner dreams big and loves to spread sparkle to everyone she meets through her business, K-Ro Art. Through her art, she tells stories and loves pointing out everyday miracles and wisdom found right smack in the hard stuff of messy, ordinary life. Since 2002, her portrait company, FauxToes, has created hundreds of happy clients with beautiful kid and pet portraits, headshots and corporate branding. She also creates custom paintings and encourages mixed-media art-journaling style. In 2013, Roedner made flying-pig-vision holographic glasses because nothing makes her giggle more than seeing flying pigs everywhere in real life and not just imagined. She is all about making life humorous and enjoys empowering women and kids through her work. Today, Roedner creates women’s devotional circles and is growing the Austin qoya community. Recently, she created Doodle Friends Clubhouse Austin and is on a mission to spread the truth that doodling is thinking and when we put pen to paper, we are opening our heart channels. When we doodle our dreams, anything becomes possible. Roedner lives with her muses: her daughter, one hamster, three bunnies and her three Aussie puppies. She is also a stepmother.


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