Stop waffling around. Meet your new favorite sandwich, Wild Chix & Waffles’ Strip Cheese.

By Chantal Rice, Photos courtesy of Jessica Attie Photography 

A trip halfway across the globe led to the inspiration for Austin eatery Wild Chix & Waffles, where Southern comfort food meets European panache—with a side of plucky Texas flavor. Chef and Co-owner Wendy Wu, who gained a passion for food as a girl while learning the tricks of the kitchen from her father, originally opted for a career in architecture. But after globetrotting and an enlightening stay in Paris relishing her time spent in neighborhood cafés, Wu returned to Austin determined to open her own restaurant offering a creative menu.

From savory to sweet, brunch to dessert, Wild Chix & Waffles serves up unique homestyle fried-chicken-and-waffle specialties alongside premium coffees and imaginative cocktails. But it’s Wu’s Strip Cheese dish—a gooey, melty combo of crisp, warm waffles, cheddar cheese and roasted jalapeños—that has Austinites clucking.

“I love this recipe because it’s a fun and wild spin on an all-American comfort-food classic,” Wu says. “The sweetness and the fluffiness of the waffle perfectly complement the ooey-gooey, melted cheddar cheese. The griddle jalapeño slices also give an extra kick to the dish.”


Serves one—unless you’re willing to share


1 freshly made waffle

4 slices cheese (Wild Chix & Waffles’ preference is cheddar cheese.)

1 jalapeño


1. Choose one of your favorite waffle recipes and make the waffle batter.

2. Preheat the waffle iron to about 360 degrees.

3. Seed one whole jalapeño, grill it on a flattop and slice the grilled jalapeño.

4. Drop the waffle batter into the waffle iron to cook a freshly made waffle.

5. Over low heat, place four slices of your favorite cheese on a flattop griddle or in a large frying pan.

6. Place the freshly made waffle on top of the cheese and let it melt together.

7. Flip over the waffle with the melted cheese and top it with the sliced, grilled jalapeños.

8. Fold the waffle in half and enjoy!


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