Jasmin D. Romero of Hermanitas Boutique shares tips on how to take culture to the next level.

By Allie Justis, Photo by Sean Carranza

Jasmin D. and Violeta M. Romero are two sisters that have turned their love for their Mexican heritage into their very own small business. Hermanitas Boutique specializes in small-batch handmade clothing and accessories.
The Romero sisters have successfully combined their culture and their hobby into a profitable business. Jasmin D. shares five tips that helped take Hermanitas Boutique to the next level while also bringing them closer to their heritage.

Embrace the Hard Times

Embrace the bad and utilize it to motivate your success. I’ve told our story of poverty and of starting our business with $50 and a dream. It was never ‘How are we going to make this happen.’ It was about how we are going to represent our cultura (culture) in our products and inspire generations that were robbed of that when forced to assimilate to U.S. culture. We are both Mexican and American, but no one creates for us or with us in mind. For us by us!

Continue Learning Always

The “lack of” will force you to be resourceful—go with the flow. What we could not afford we learned to do. My sister and I took the time to watch all the tutorials and look up organizations that could help teach us all that we did not already know. We used the small business center and watched hours [and]hours of WordPress tutorials. I crashed our site multiple times and fixed it because I had no choice.


Make Connections

Build community; it’s vital and will help in moments when you most need it. I am very outgoing and my sister is not, so I took it upon myself to go out and spread the word about what we were creating and why. Attended as many events as I could. Wore our creations and sparked conversation with everyone that I came across. Those people are some of the same people that still follow and support our business and all its endeavors. Some have become great friends and have inspired me to keep creating. Being around other entrepreneurs and makers can uplift and teach you in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

Remember Why You Started

Stay true to yourself. This one seems simple, but along the way all types of things will challenge your values. Your production methods may get questioned or who you work with and vendors you chose. Make sure you are true to yourself, your values and are strong in your mission. No matter what circle you are in, don’t forget who you are and your “why.” Your “why” will align with those it is meant to align with, and if it doesn’t it was not meant to be.

Use Experiences To Grow

Always be open to learning, and utilize all your interactions as an opportunity to be inspired. I love to learn and travel, and that has been a space for constant growth. It has also helped me teach others and opened many doors within the community for collaboration. I never shy away from working with people in the community and helping in any way I can. The community has always done for me and inspired me to work from a place of love.



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