Maurice Brantley, the director of interior design at Copenhagen, shares furniture trends on their way out, what pieces are worth the investment and how to transform your space.

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What types of furniture are on their way out?

As we have entered into a new decade, my belief is that we have a new appreciation for classic and clean contemporary design. Bulky and overstuffed leather/fabric two-toned sofas with nail heads and fringe-trimmed pillows have had their day. Rustic and oversized occasional tables in dark cherry and fussy ornate case goods were the prize back in the ’80s and ’90s. Today we find that the furniture seeker is looking for streamlined comfort in seating, many with adjustable headrests and push-button motorization that is inconspicuous and quietly transports us into an effortless transition of calm relaxation.

What types of furniture are worth the investment?

Comfortable and well-made seating that is crafted to endure is usually where my design clients want to start. Don’t skimp on quality materials and workmanship. We spend a lot of time in our sofas, loveseats and occasional chairs so that should be a paramount priority. Soft, durable leather lasts for years. Beautifully made dining tables that can easily extend to accommodate dinner guests paired with well-made dining chairs are also an important con- sideration.A well-made mattress made of quality materials is well worth the investment of ensuring a good night’s sleep.

What’s an easy way to transform a room?

Switching out those tired pillows on a sofa with something fresh and modern is an easy quick fix. Look at your dated accessories and lamps and opt for something with a new pop of color.A new light-transitioning LED lamp can be a quick perk. Consider a fresh coat of paint or take a risk with one vibrant hued accent wall to breathe new life into a tired old room.

If you’re starting a room makeover, what pieces should you start with?

Believe it or not, you should start with the pieces and art that you know you are going to keep! We almost all have treasures that we will never part with. Identifying them first will help your designer suggest appropriate selections that will complement the things you already love.

As mentioned before, comfortable seating usually tends to be where my design clients want to start. Integrated technology has become a new option that is very appealing to millennials. Exquisitely engineered media units are also desired and sought after as not just a means to conceal technology but a focus of something amazing and beautiful to look at.

How do you decide a color palette for a space?

We all respond to color differently and it is usually an emotional response. Neutral is always safe and sure but don’t be afraid to express yourself by living with colors that you love. I usually take my cues from existing art and plan colors around it. Environment is also a key factor. Natural light cascading through the room as it changes throughout the day. Are there big windows with views of mountains or rolling hills? All of these are questions to take into consideration when planning a harmonious interior.



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