Local designer Shay Spaniola shares how using color feng shui can spice things up in the bedroom.

By Danielle Ortiz, Headshot by Michael Schaffer, All other photos by Kyle Born 

The bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s where we sleep, rest and binge-watch our favorite shows. But it’s also an intimate space. Whether you are looking to liven up your relationship this Valentine’s Day or are longing for an overall change to your bedroom décor, it’s helpful to think colorfully. Take the advice of designer Shay Spaniola, founder of Austin-based home-décor shop Bunglo. Spaniola specializes in décor that marries feng shui with color therapy. Color, she says, can impact so many things in our lives, from our moods to how much we eat. Because the bedroom and our romantic relationships are so intrinsically intertwined, she suggests decorating this personal space to be as love-inducing as possible. Here, Spaniola shares her tips for adding color in a way that will spruce up the bedroom and enable you to feel all the love.

“If you want a bedroom to be relaxing, then using warmer colors [is]going to make you feel that way. Purple and red are the more romantic colors. Purple is great for a bedroom because it’s calming while being related to romance. Orange is another color that is great for romance, especially when thinking about chakra colors. The orange color of the chakra represents your sexual energy, so using the color will actually make you feel more romantic. Red and orange are both very grounding sexual colors. … Blues and purples are the other side of intimacy, which is more the cerebral intimacy focused on connection.”

“Don’t be afraid of color! You can always change color, especially if you start small by using pillows and sheets. This is a great introduction to colors to see how you feel. Sometimes you’re not exactly sure how you’re going to respond. I don’t paint my room one color because usually, I’ll feel overwhelmed with too much color. That’s why I started making pillows because if I get sick of them next season, I can just change them. This is such a low-investment way to experiment.”

“Bring in the element of fire, like candles, to add a nice touch. The soft, ambient lighting options set a mood for romance. To incorporate water, a fountain and flowers in a vase are very sensual.”

“You can do this by adding blankets and pillows. It’s also important to take the time in the morning to make your bed. It’s something that’s sacred, so treat it that way.”

“There are so many color combos that we have told ourselves don’t go together, but don’t be afraid to use color based off of what matches or what doesn’t. Choose what you think is right because your space should be centered around what you feel. If you like certain colors, it doesn’t matter what matches because it will eventually go together. That’s how people come up with their own personal color palettes.”


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