At Cobra, our diverse team of professionals come together from all over the globe with one common goal: to improve the efficiency of legal support services.

Ranked in Inc. ’s 2020 5000 list of fastest growing private companies, with 423% revenue growth since 2017, Cobra’s continued progress is powered by our team of professionals hailing from all over the world. Each member of our team brings their own unique experience and skillset, which adds to Cobra’s rich cultural tapestry. With an emphasis on inclusion and thought leadership, Cobra is pushing the conversation forward and disrupting traditional models in the competitive legal industry. Cobra is a richly diverse organization, where a majority of the employees worldwide are women.

(Left) Liz Shockley, Recruitment Specialist; Candice Corby, CEO; Renee Meisel, Chief Legal Officer; Emily Whitehair, Brand & Marketing Manager

Through Cobra’s relentless focus on customer success and tech-enabled service innovation, we have become the trusted partner of numerous companies and their outside counsel around the world.

What passions/interests led you into your role?

(Renee Meisel, Chief Legal Officer)

“My current career resulted from a desire to use my law degree to build and improve things instead of using it to dismantle. I was drawn to Cobra specifically because it is a place where I’m surrounded by like-minded people who, at heart, want to create a better legal service model and, ultimately, a better world.”

What is the best part of your job at Cobra?

(Emily Whitehair, Brand and Marketing Manager)

“The people. It’s rare to work in my field and truly believe in what you’re marketing. It has been an honor getting to show the world who Cobra is and help shape a brand that represents all the great things our amazing and collaborative team of inspiring individuals encompasses.”

What separates Team Cobra from others in the industry? How is Cobra different?

(Liz Shockley, Recruitment Specialist)

“Hands down, the culture! I know, culture has become one of those buzzwords that’s lost value elsewhere, but not at Cobra. The communication, grace and teamwork really set us apart. Our leadership walks the walk and meets their teams wherever they are each day. I love when I hear hesitation while I’m explaining that to candidates because I’ve had countless new hires reach out to me a month later stating, ‘Wow! You were right, this is great!’ The feedback speaks for itself!”

What is your favorite Austin thing to do? Favorite Austin restaurant?

(Candice Corby, CEO)

“I love sushi! Specifically SOTO on South Lamar. It is by far the best omakase in Austin! Go see Chef Andy. You will not be disappointed.”


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